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 Aug 29 2016  
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GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 72%



Link:  Link
Downloads:  54549
Submitted:  Mar 14 2008
Updated:  Oct 28 2010


Latest Update :
28/10/2010 v1.6.0 . This update should have come six months ago, unfortunately at that time i had abandoned Gnome in favor of the more modern (and buggy as i was about to find out) KDE. Anyway, this is mainly a bug fix release, so many long standing problems should now be fixed.

Btw, there is a bug with the gtk-window-decorator that sometimes causes the Azel New menu button to be rendered incorrectly, i am aware of it but can't do much about it.

Description :
This theme looks best with the Faenza-Dark icon theme. It's also designed to work with or without the globalmenu hack (see instructions).

Instructions :

  • Extract the archive, go to the gtk folder and install Azel, Azel Original and Azel New through the theme manager.

  • If you prefer the gnome standard button placement use the Azel window border. If you prefer buttons on the left (as in the screenshot) use the Azel Original window border and go to the next step. The Azel New decorator works as well for both layouts.

  • If you have selected the Azel Original window border , open gconf-editor, go to apps->metacity-> general and change the button_layout to
    close,maximize,minimize:menu .

  • If you are using compiz , open gconf-editor, go to apps->gwd and set metacity_theme_opacity to 1 . Then, go to apps->compiz->plugins->decoration->allscreens->options
    and set shadow_opacity to 0.85 , shadow_radius to 8.5 , shadow_x_offset to 0 and shadow_y_offset to 4 .

  • If you prefer emerald to metacity/gtk-window-decorator , go to the emerald folder and install the themes . You can also look here http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=78145 for decorators that have the buttons on the right side.

  • If you are using globalmenu, go to your themes directory and browse inside Azel/gtk-2.0/. Open the file gtkrc and scroll down near the bottom till you find the line 'include "tweaks-no-globalmenu.rc"' (without the quotes). Comment out (put a # symbol in front of) that line, uncomment (remove the # from) the '#include "tweaks-globalmenu.rc" line and reload the theme.

  • If you prefer the old silver panel, go to your themes directory and browse inside Azel/gtk-2.0/. Open the file gtkrc and scroll down near the bottom till you find the line 'include "panelblack.rc"' (without the quotes). Comment out (put a # symbol in front of) that line, uncomment (remove the # from) the '#include "panel.rc"' line and reload the theme.

  • If you are using Ubuntu Karmic x64 and have problems with thunar and huge toolbars, use the included deb or follow the included instructions to compile a fixed version yourself.

  • If you are using firefox just use Midori :P . Just kidding ;) . Go to the firefox folder and into ff2 if you are using firefox2 or ff3 for firefox3. In case you are using the hidemenubar extension, there is also the Azel-no-menubar theme included.

  • If you are using Mplayer , extract the contents of the Azel-mplayer archive into ~/.mplayer/skins .

  • Changelog:

  • Panel code rewritten from scratch.

  • Default button states added.

  • Shadow margins fixed.

  • Text color on progressbars fixed.

  • Better progressbars in treeviews.

  • Firefox no longer needs a skin.

  • Chromium frame color fixed.

  • Changed default icons to Faenza-Dark.

  • Support for Nautilus-Elementary.

  • LicenseGPL
    (Azel Pack)
    (Black-white 2 icon theme by DBGthekafu)
    (Pekwm theme by Lyrae)
    (OpenBox theme by Thuban)
    (Alternative emerald decorator by Islington)
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     shadows and combo bo

     by ayoli on: Mar 14 2008
    Score 50%

    I like frame shadows that disapear at the bottom, but I think this effect applied on combo border make the combo less visible/usable.
    btw, nice work :)

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     Re: shadows and comb

     by SkiesOfAzel on: Mar 15 2008
    Score 50%

    If others agree with you on the comboboxes when i release the first beta, i will probably provide alternate pixmaps for them.

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     by bitzer on: Mar 14 2008
    Score 50%

    I will wait for the first release, man!

    Mess with the best, die like the rest
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     by TwoPointOh on: Mar 15 2008
    Score 50%

    Looks good, can't wait

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     I want this theme !

     by halcapote on: Mar 16 2008
    Score 50%


    I want this theme !

    However, the buttons "minimize, maximize, close a window" at the top of each window are not reversed with the button management window ?


    The buttons "Help", "Close", "About" could be black, as the buttons "minimize, maximize, close a window".

    Voted "Good" everyone !!!

    Alex - France
    Ubuntu 7.10

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     by PaulRay on: Mar 28 2008
    Score 50%

    I'm usually a "DarkerIce" kinda guy, but I'm stunned by the beauty of this theme! I may have to change.
    Nice Work.

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     Re: Wow!

     by SkiesOfAzel on: Mar 29 2008
    Score 50%

    Thanks :), darker ice is an excellent theme indeed.

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     by pulsifier on: Mar 29 2008
    Score 50%

    this is a superior theme. good enough to be the default for some distros. the only thing i'd like to see is a more compact start menu. otherwise i'll be using this exclusively. cant wait to see the evolution of this theme. congrats.

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     Re: excellent

     by SkiesOfAzel on: Mar 29 2008
    Score 50%

    Thank you for your kind words, but no pixmap skin would be good enough to be the default for a distro, there simply are too many problems with the pixmap engine and gtk.

    You can make the menu as compact as you like by changing the icons size in the last line of the gtkrc .

    I would also like to see it evolve but the chances for this are small. In May, my obligatory military service starts and it lasts for one year :/ . I wouldn't worry too much though, it's gpl, so anyone can port it , mod it evolve it etc.

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