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 Aug 26 2016  
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Elegant Brit


GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 73%
Elegant Brit

Elegant Brit

Elegant Brit

Link:  http://
Downloads:  229766
Submitted:  Feb 1 2008
Updated:  Mar 16 2008


This theme is a mod of Elegant One, by Dzakusek (which was also a mod of Black-White, by Lyrae). When I saw Glossy Fall, created by Crimesaucer, I fell in love with the colors and decided I just had to apply them to the Elegant concept. Red and blue would be my master inspirations.
After some more personal changes, I came out with what I decided to call Elegant Brit. I hope you enjoy it.

The Metacity version was based on the Alessandro theme. I built it in order to follow the layout of its Emerald equivalent, that is, the title is on the right (the buttons' position is regulated on Gconf; in this theme's logic, they'd stay in the left). If you want to change the title position to the center, please follow the instructions on the Metacity XML file. However, if you have any doubts, please don't hesitate and contact me. I'll be pleased to help. I hope you like it, and if you don't, make suggestions!

The package includes a GTK theme, a Metacity theme, a PNG icon for the main menu (if you want) and a userChrome.css (copy it to the "chrome" folders of both .mozilla and mozilla-thunderbird folders under your $HOME).

The link to the Emerald theme is below. I separated them in this new edition in order to put each element of the theme in its correct category.

I'm open and very receptive to any opinions, comments and suggestions.

Fix Sonata bug (white on white song title when hovered);
Fix Sunbird bug (crashing altogether with Elegant Brit enabled);
Fix NetBeans bug (unreadable menu titles).

I'll appreciate all help I can get.
I'm facing some hard situations in my personal life, thus the lack of updates. I'm still researching in order to achieve the above goals.

We have such a wonderful community.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been facing some serious personal issues. I promise to keep working on the theme.

Arialis111 created a Xfwm4 version for Elegant Brit. I'm providing below the link to his work, for those who, like me, use Xfce. All credits of this Xfwm4 version go to Arialis111, to whom I'm tremendously thankful. I'm lost for words. Vote for his version! He deserves it.

The above also applies to Envyouraudience, who created an Openbox theme to match Elegant Brit. I'm linking to his work too. Thanks a lot for improving the Elegant Brit experience for the Openbox users. And of course, all credits go for Envyouraudience himself for the work he developed.

Thanks to Lyrae as well for pointing out the solution to some bugs concerning the Shutdown/Create Launcher dialogs under GNOME, the left pane on Gedit, and the weather and clock applets on the Xfce-panel. Thanks also for the creation of the marvelous PekWM theme to go with Elegant Brit.

Also many thanks to Ayoli, for having created an Elegant Brit mod compatible with the Mac Menu patch and for allowing me to upload it and make it available to the community. I couldn't have made it all alone. I really appreciate it. Plus, he's been doing a good work helping me out with other bugs. Merci, Ayoli!

I've also been helped by several other people in order to make Elegant Brit a better project. I thank PurposeOfReason, Sousuke, El Mariachi, DasGewitter and all those who have been commenting my theme and overally everybody for helping me to solve bugs, giving me suggestions, giving me strength and support and overally working to improve Elegant Brit. This is truly a work from the community to the community. Thanks, everybody!

On the screenshots, I'm using Eikon, a personal collection of icons I found across the Web, along with some modifications I made. It has evolved a lot in the last few weeks, so there are some considerable changes. I'm sharing Eikon on a non-official basis, with all those who are interested on checking it out.

To get the most recent updates to Eikon, now on its second generation, please check this website: http://drop.io/fmrbpensador


1.0.1: Emerald theme included inside of the theme package;
1.0.2: Solved Emerald issue that prevented the theme from being imported by the Emerald manager; the theme was stored one folder below the expected by the program. Also a slight improvement on the tabs;
1.0.3: Several improvements on buttons and text entries, for better harmony. Screenshots updated;
1.0.4: Fixed Firefox and Thunderbird issues;
1.0.5: Some improvements in several widgets for overall smoothness. The Emerald theme has its own address, and its buttons are now always visible;
1.0.6: A different handle in the lower right corner of the windows, and also visible steppers on the scrollbars, as requested (as always, Firefox and OOO don't respect all the GTK definitions...); let me know if you liked it;

1.1.0: Metacity theme released; corrected bugs concerning the Shutdown/Create Launcher dialogs under GNOME and also the left pane on Gedit;
1.1.1: Fixed some issues in the Metacity theme;
1.1.2: Changed the colour of Spin/arrow-up.png as pointed out; changed the Y thickness from 1 to 2 at the menubar-black.rc;
1.1.3: Changed that same Y thickness to 4;
1.1.4: Fixed some bluriness in the Toolbar/toolbutton-pressed.png pixmap; fixed some odd grayness in the text of some buttons when prelighted;
1.1.5: Fixed the Tomboy bug (thanks, Ayoli);
1.1.6: Included the main menu icon appearing on the screenshots, inside of the theme's package, as requested;
1.1.7: Attempt to fix the OpenOffice.org bug;
1.1.8: Further colour changes relating to the bug above, for aesthetic and visual clarity purposes;
1.1.9: More colour changes on the colour of the menus, trying to be more compliant with the general theme's scheme; fixed the clock and weather applets on the Xfce-panel (thanks, Lyrae!); switched the SVG icon for a 24px PNG icon, inspired on the Kryan solution;
1.1.10: Attempt to fix the Firefox 3 menus' bug (new userChrome.css);
1.1.11: Attempt to fix the Evolution Mail bug (thanks to Ayoli!);
1.1.12: Fixed the commented code for centered window titles on the Metacity theme; toned down the colour of the handles pixmaps; set the menu-images parameter to 1, as requested;
1.1.13: Attempt to fix the second Evolution bug, concerning the unreadable text on the preferences dialog (thanks to Ayoli, once more!).

(GTK & Metacity themes)
(Emerald theme)
(Xfwm4 theme [by Arialis111, thanks!])
(GTK Mac Menu version [offered by Ayoli, thanks!])
(Openbox theme [by Envyouraudience, thanks!])
(PekWM theme [by Lyrae, thanks!])
(Free as in Beauty - Wallpapers)
(Splash screen [GNOME])
(Splash screen [Xfce])
(Brit Waves GDM theme [by SchattenGessang, thanks!])
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 file browser

 by bilwalsh on: Apr 27 2008
Score 50%

Im sure this sounds totally stupid, but i just started using linux (ubuntu hardy heron) about two hours ago. I got your gtk /emerald theme istalled great/ and the icons too. but there are still some things bothering me. how did you get that multicoloured clock? and in the file browser how can i get rid of icons from the toolbar and move the address bar up with them? If you could explain it would be a major help in me building the desktop of my dreams!!

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 Re: file browser

 by fmrbpensador on: Apr 27 2008
Score 50%


I was using Xfce when I took those screenshots. That clock is actually a set of Xfce-panel Orage clocks, one for the hours, another for the minutes, and so on. I'm also using Thunar as my file browser, instead of Nautilus, which is GNOME's file browser. You can also use Thunar under GNOME or any other desktop environment. Just install it. In case you have any other questions, please ask. I'm glad you like Elegant Brit.

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 Re: Re: file browser

 by bilwalsh on: Apr 27 2008
Score 50%

hey thanks. Ive installed thunar.but its a bit different to yours. some of the buttons (back,forward, home) are big. too big. the other issue is that there is no search box. Finally is ther anyway to make it the default file manager?

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 Re: Re: Re: file browser

 by bilwalsh on: Apr 27 2008
Score 50%

take a look st the screenshot in my profile to help understand my problem.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: file browser

 by fmrbpensador on: Apr 28 2008
Score 50%

Hi! I tried to see your screenshot, but for some reason the page that should contain it is empty. Meanwhile, to see the address bar on Thunar, try to go to the View menu. There is an option about showing addresses. Under GNOME, I know there are some dirty hacks to change some links on the Places menu to use Thunar instead of Nautilus, but I believe it is impossible to change the whole predefinition to Thunar. GNOME depends a lot on Nautilus, which, for me, is a shame.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: file browser

 by bilwalsh on: Apr 28 2008
Score 50%

well its definately up. you have to click download to see it for some reason. Anyway i got the address bar thing sorted. woohoo. Now its just the big back,forward and home icons on the toolbar.

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 by harry84 on: May 2 2008
Score 50%

can you please publish the iconset also,
or just provide a link to?

i use the mac4lin icons in v 0.4
but it doesnt look that nice,
your icontheme does

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 Re: icons

 by fmrbpensador on: May 2 2008
Score 50%


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 Re: Re: icons

 by fmrbpensador on: May 3 2008
Score 50%

Meanwhile, I tried to port the icons so that they can be used in the current GNOME version: http://www.mediafire.com/?mw1diuef9yx

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 loved it

 by pali on: May 5 2008
Score 50%

great theme
but could you make the buttons of metacity theme bigger
keep up the good work

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 Great Icon Theme

 by devi710 on: May 16 2008
Score 50%

I love the theme! It took a lot to get me away from the Slickness theme.

I also really love the icon theme Eikon, but have a few problems.

The firefox icons are missing (in the menu, desktop shortcuts, and on the panel) and the volume control and the network status icons are black so I can't see them on my panel.

Does anyone know how to fix/change this? Is anyone maintaining this icon theme?

Also, you have customized folders for 'images' 'downloads' etc. Where can I find those icons? I have added 'emblems' to the folders, which are nice, but not the same as yours. Or maybe it is because you aren't using Nautilus.

I made some simple Wallpaper to fit the theme if anyone would like to have a look:


and a GRUB screen:


Thank you,

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 More Files

 by devi710 on: May 19 2008
Score 50%

Actually, I ended up making a GDM, Splash Screen, Wallpaper, and a GRUB screen to fit the theme:


Links to all the files can be found of that page.

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 Modify - newbie :)

 by Hawk on: May 22 2008
Score 50%

Hi there!

I really like the theme.
I'm trying to modify a few things.. (like add some border around buttons)

I'm trying to figure out how gtkrc/panelrc works.
Is there a guide/command explaination that I can refer at ? Or any tools ?

Once more, great theme,

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