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Perfect Gnome Suite


GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 73%
Perfect Gnome Suite

Perfect Gnome Suite

Link:  Link
Downloads:  24461
Submitted:  May 20 2006
Updated:  Jun 12 2006


Welcome The Perfection For Your Gnome Desktop.


For those who are wondering, icons were Foxtrot and you can find them here : http://sekkyumu.free.fr/Divers/foxtrot.tar.gz.

All icons by Andreas Nilsson and David Chalkskeletons exept some (trash can and others) by me AND YOU WON'T FIND THEM IN THE PACKAGE.

+ 2006 June, 12th :

"Look ! I can spell !"

see screen 2 and some icons are still wip.

- - - - - - -

+ 2006 June, 11th :

Changed things here and there... Maybe you'll notice them, maybe you will not.

It's not like I'm spamming huh... Corrected some mistakes in the GTK so you'll have to download it again (sorry guys) and put the metacity theme so you can use it with any GTK themes you like. I'd love putting another one which picks up GTK color but I'll need help from some code guys to help me to do it.

More to come soon.

- - - - - - -

+ 2006 May, 22nd :


- New Metacity theme and port of the metacity to Xfxm4 thanks to Ashura. So... Xfce users, thanks Ashura for his good job ! Thought it's still the old metacity theme that is ported... Coming soon for the new :).

- New Active Task and Menu selection (item) buttons. They should be... better now.

++ TO DO :
- Round Metacity theme with squared buttons and Round Metacity theme with round buttons.

- - - - - - -

+2006 May, 21th (LATER) : See Screenshot 2.

What do you think of those new buttons ? The close button and maximized are better? Too much space between them ? Too small (someone asked me to make smaller buttons) ? Contrast is now okay ?
Tell me what you think please ! :)

TODO : remake active task button.

Oh, for those who are wondering. Icons are Foxtrot and can be found here : http://sekkyumu.free.fr/Divers/foxtrot.tar.gz

- - - - -

+ 2006 May, 21th : It's time to release the beast folks ! So what do we have... A gaim guification theme and of course the GTK & Metacity theme... Have fun.

Don't forget to put away the "guification" folder (in you.gaim/guifications/themes folder) before installing it (untar it to your .themes directory).

- - - - - - -

+ Same day : Put the FINAL Preview (screenshot 1) before release ;).
OLD Preview is screenshot 2.

+ 2006 May, 20th : PREVIEW "RELEASE"

Theme coming TOMORROW

(Perfect Gnome)
(Xfxm4 port)
(Gaim Guification)
(Perfect Gnome Metacity)
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 Rounded Corners

 by jrickmar on: May 21 2006
Score 50%

Could you make a variation on the Metacity with rounded courners? That would look real nice.

Bill Gates once said: "If you can't make it good, make it look good."
It sure says a lot about his software.

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 Re: Rounded Corners

 by Sekkyumu on: May 21 2006
Score 50%

I'll be working on that ;).

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 by apsivam on: May 22 2006
Score 50%
Emmeskay Systems

The new metacity is really cool.


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 very kool

 by systemx on: May 22 2006
Score 50%

I really love the theme, thanx for sharing it w/ us. But in all honesty, I think the name is kinda silly :)

shot for you - http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/3634/xfce0522067xb.png

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 by bronzecat on: May 22 2006
Score 50%

This theme combination is #great# I hope you maintain it and work hardly on it so that we can finally see a #really# mature gtk+metactiy combination for gnome, till now all the themes we got were medium to poor to ... well.. So I'm crossing my fingers for this project..

Think Pink
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 Rounded version

 by rcares on: May 22 2006
Score 50%

Please create an version with buttons rounded and others ...

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 Re: Rounded version

 by Sekkyumu on: May 22 2006
Score 50%

Don't worry for that ;). I'll be working on different mertacities so that everyone will be happy :D !

Systemx : Ahah of course the name is silly ;). I love the provocation and didn't found a pretty good titl though. And I'll make this project just perfect.
Wow I love your desktop ! Wait for the Ashura metacity port for xfce. I'm gonna upload it with the new metacity theme in some minutes. t's the old one but definitely great for xfce at the moment :).

Bronzecat : Yeah I'm gonna work a lot on that project :). If I have the time, I'll also work on some gaim icons but I don't promise that ;).

Thanks everyone !

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 by toka on: May 22 2006
Score 50%

very cool theme ;) I have one question about icons on 1st screenshot, icons of folder are "dark" but on 2nd screenshot they are yellow. Foxtrot from http://sekkyumu.free.fr/Divers/ have yellow icons. Can You tell me where I can find theme with dark folder icons ?

btw. Your metacity rox!

greetz :)

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 Re: icons

 by Sekkyumu on: May 22 2006
Score 50%


The grey icons are just the old Tango icons ;). You can find them by typing T ango on the search button (on gnome-look) and you'll find some old officials Tango release (0.6.3 i think)


Oh, the Foxtrot are NOT FROM ME. I just don't remember where I found them and who is the author...

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