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 Aug 27 2016  
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GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 73%


Link:  Link
Downloads:  85971
Submitted:  Jan 8 2005
Updated:  Jun 30 2005


Clearlooks is new modern looking engine, based on Bluecurve. It has the looks of various themes blended together, resulting in a theme that's easy on the eyes and visually pleasing ;)

The difference with pixmap based themes, is that it does not sacrifice a lot of speed.

Since it's an engine, the installation differs from a 'normal' theme. Just run "./configure --prefix=/usr && make install" and you should be set.

Note: make sure that ~/.gtkrc-2.0 is not overriding a theme, as it has priority over the theme managers.

When updating from a previous version of Clearlooks keep in mind that applications still running will continue to use the old version of the engine. Switching themes may cause incompatibilities with the new theme definition. Those applications will then revert to the default GTK look. When this happens you will have to restart those applications. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, drool at the screenshots, and enjoy using it :)

!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of version 0.4, there is an optional animated progressbar. It has to be enabled manually by the brave. To do this, install it with "./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-animation" followed by "make install" as root.

GTK+ developers consider this new feature a horrible hack. But it's cool! We've tested it quite well, and it doesn't break anything we know of. If an application crashes, make sure that Clearlooks isn't the cause. If it is, please notify me.

!!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER NOTE !!!!!!!!

Clearlooks has a mailinglist. If you have a question, please send it there. The address is:

THE METACITY THEME HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS PACKAGE. You should get it seperately from http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=21237


Clearlooks 0.6.2:
Fixed crash in OpenOffice.org 1.1.3 + Ximian.
Applied patch from Cary Coady to fix a segfault when progressbar has no parent.
Removed metacity theme from the engine package (accidently left it in 0.6.1).

Clearlooks 0.6.1:
Fixed wrong rendering of combobox in some themes.
Consistent rendering of buttons in glade and gimp.
Compatability fix for GTK 2.2 from Hongli Lai.
Forgot to mention new listview headers in 0.6.0!

Clearlooks 0.6:
New menuitem style.
Listview item gradients enabled by default.
Tweaked radio- and checkboxes.
New checkmark graphic from Steven Garrity.
New gradient on buttons.
Buttons appear semi-sunken (with new themes).
Fixed GtkNotebook colors in glade and gaim (and others).
Menubar gradient slightly lighter so accommodate border-less WM themes.

Previous releases:
Check the NEWS file in the release tarball.

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 Window decorations

 by loockas on: Feb 25 2005
Score 50%

Congratulations for the awesome theme! The best ever ;)

Point 1 - I really liked the menus. Don't change it please ;)

Point 2 - The metacity windeco is pretty good, but you can change the buttons to something more rounded, like the winter theme for metacity & xfwm4. If you want screenshots, look at


Note that I'm suggesting JUST the buttons, not the overall windeco.

Keep up the great work. I really appreciate it.


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 Re: Window decoratio

 by Sparrk on: Feb 25 2005
Score 50%

That screenshot is a little small. ;) But I know what you mean and I'll try it. Thanks!

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 Excellent Work!

 by dgt84 on: Feb 26 2005
Score 50%

Really great! I've been waiting for this new release for a while now and was beginning to give up!

For any GNOME users looking to have a similar window border as in the original screenshots, here is my port of XFCE-Winter: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=20140

I noticed that the sourceforge page is still blank; how is that coming along? If you would like some help with it, I'd be happy to design and/or implement the page.

Daniel G. Taylor

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 Waht font is it ?

 by troutrou on: Feb 26 2005
Score 50%

First, thanks for this beautiflu theme. It really makes Gnome come to life, and I hope this will be the default for Ubuntu, and that they will make all artwork to match. As as been said, we now need to redesign some of the stock Gnome icons, as they really "clash".

Question : in the first screenshot (http://www.gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=19527&file1=19527-1.png&file2=19527-2.png&file3=&name=Clearlooks)

what font do you use, and what are the "rendering" options ? It looks very thin, and I can't find it in Ubuntu Warty.



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 Re: Waht font is it

 by troutrou on: Feb 28 2005
Score 50%

Thanks for the help, I appreciate.

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 Re: Re: Waht font is

 by kism on: Mar 2 2005
Score 50%


I want to know what is the rendering config for Tahoma (I suppose), too.

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 by ilishin on: Feb 27 2005
Score 50%

Thanks you for such a great engine!

The only tweak to improve - I would like back chechboxes despite of the theme colors. Lightblue checks are hard to see.

Your engine rocks!

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 Re: Cool.

 by bvc on: Feb 28 2005
Score 50%

that's something that is usually controlled with this
text[ACTIVE] = "#4b6785"
text[NORMAL] = "#000000"
text[PRELIGHT] = "#000000"
text[INSENSITIVE] = "#496179"
at the top of the gtkrc. At this time, it has no effect on checkbox's and options.

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 by youknowmewell on: Feb 27 2005
Score 50%

Clearlooks is a nice engine, but last night I found one of its weak points. The engine is not very dark theme-friendly. I use a mixture of the Tenebrific GTK theme and the Rmilk-Black Metacity theme, and I was hoping to make a dark theme similar to Tenebrific; however the highlights can't be changed, and it would have too much contrast if it was just black on white. Also, the subtle differences in color from the menubar or toolbar to the rest of any given window is not there. Maybe it's a lack of understanding on how to make the theme, because this is the first time I've tried making a theme using any engine. I spent a bit of time just figuring out what things like fg[ACTIVE] changed :P.
In conclusion, I'd like to request that you make clearlooks a bit more dark theme-friendly. If you did that it would make my day.

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 Re: Request

 by Sparrk on: Feb 27 2005
Score 50%

Yeah, we should do that... Using white lines is a pretty stupid thing to do anyway and I'm not sure why we do it. We probably need a dark color scheme for testing, so we can find all those cases.
Not sure about the menubar though, unless you are specifying "sunkenmenubar=0", it should always be a darker tone of your normal background color. Maybe your color is just so dark, that even darker makes no visible difference? :)

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 Re: Re: Request

 by bvc on: Feb 27 2005
Score 50%

I mentioned this to Remenic and emailed him a dark example a while back.

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 Default 4 GNOME 2.12

 by mschwartz on: Mar 1 2005
Score 50%

Just noted on OSNews that Clearlooks will be the default theme engine for GNOME 2.12!


Congrats Remenic!!!

Great work!


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