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 Aug 30 2016  
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GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 69%



Downloads:  173072
Submitted:  Jun 9 2009
Updated:  Sep 23 2010


A version of this Azenis Theme is now the default theme for Ultimate Edition 2.3!!

Download now contains a more compact Netbook version


What is Azenis I hear you say? Azenis was originally a windowblinds theme created by J.J.Ying, now in its second carnation it has become one of their most prominent themes with almost 200,000 downloads. It has also been ported to KDE by Ezy where it has proved equally successful. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome, i got permission from both J.J.Ying and Ezy and this is the result.


I have currently uploaded a standard black and blue version as well an icon theme. Various other coloured versions including red, green, purple and gold versions of theme has also been created by myself and others. whilst a whiter version is still in progress that i hope to have ready soon. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions

Thanks and i hope you enjoy my theme

::Package contains::

-Gtk and Metacity Themes
-Nautilus Background
-Default Wallpaper
-Netbook version (Metacity and gtk)

::Installation instructions::

1. Download the file and place on your desktop
2. Open a terminal and run these commands:

sudo cp -r $HOME/Desktop/Azenis /usr/share/themes

3. Open the theme manager, you can now
select the Azenis theme,
when you click on it, it will apply the gtk and metacity themes as well as the icon and cursor themes if you have them installed. It will also give you the option of using the wallpaper provided with this theme.

Alternatively you can download the deb installer package created by TheeMahn, it is currently consistent with the 0.2.7 release of Azenis and contains Azenis, Azenis red as well as both of their matching icon themes, wallpapers, GDM, a Grub splash and the Usplash theme


Lots of other really great Azenis Skins and themes to compliment the look created by others in the community. I strongly recommend a look =)

Emerald theme: Created by Seanbarman, Also includes his own version of Azenis

Cursor-theme: independently ported by KuduK

Azenis XFWM theme: Created by yantar

Azenis XMMS theme: Created by hellion0

OpenOffice.org-splash: Created by Ezy

Audacious skin: Created by Ezy

GDM theme: Created by Microjack


::GnoMenu themes:: Created by technoshaun


:Menu (2.0+):



::Other Versions::

Azenis Red: Created by Myself

Azenis Orange: Created by Myself

Azenis Green: Created by ardchoille45 (no longer available)

Azenis Purple: Created by i2k


- Website: http://www.jjying.cn
- E-mail: yingjunjiu@gmail.com

- http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Azenis?content=77150


0.1 - Released

0.1.1 - Improvements to Metacity theme

0.1.2 - Incorporates new Azenis Icons

0.1.3 - Wallpaper Pack link added

0.2 - Finally fixed Metacity themes window menu icons properly =)

0.2.1 - Added Font

0.2.2 - Improvements to Metacity buttons

0.2.3 - Panel changes

0.2.4 - Small touch up including default button style

0.2.5 - Additions to index.theme file

0.2.6 - Fixed boarders bug on scrollbars

0.2.7 - Touch ups and slim-lining

0.2.8 - Improvement to Metacity theme and updates to links

0.2.9 - Small tweaks to code and minor touch ups

(Azenis Icons)
(Azenis Red)
(Azenis Orange)
(Azenis Usplash)
(Wallpaper Pack)
(Audacious Skin)
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 Azenis Theme

 by TheeMahn on: Nov 18 2009
Score 50%
Ultimate Edition Linux

I just thought I would drop in and let you know I have updated the theme pack to version 0.0.3 and bought a new website to host themes as I Debianize them. http://themelinux.com/ Your theme pack is the only one currently there including UE themes lol.

I have added the cursor set, 1 GDM, purple and orange themes. I love the purple btw. Eventually I may add the xsplash (0.0.4?).

Keep up the good work, if you would like I will break the theme pack into pieces and allow download of separate components.

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 Re: Azenis Theme

 by jameshardy88 on: Nov 19 2009
Score 50%

Thanks again TheeMahn, ill update the link in the next update. creating some broken down packages sounds like a really great idea as well, although i don't want you to feel obliged into doing too much work.

All the best and thanks again, i greatly appreciate all the work you have done for this theme =)

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 Great Piece of Work!

 by sakasa on: Nov 18 2009
Score 50%

jameshardy88 Super work.

Like usual Beautiful performance.

Best Regards,

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 Re: Great Piece of Work!

 by jameshardy88 on: Nov 19 2009
Score 50%

Thanks Sakasa, your too kind =)

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 GDM-Theme in Ubuntu 9.10

 by vander on: Nov 19 2009
Score 50%
OJSC "Intellect Telecom"/ IT

That's really great. Thanks a lot, jameshardy88. I vote "+" for this beautiful work. But, unfortunately, I'm not able to set GDM-theme in Ubuntu 9.10, cause distro-developers took out the ability to change it (I guess).

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 Re: GDM-Theme in Ubuntu 9.10

 by jameshardy88 on: Nov 19 2009
Score 50%

Hmm, which one of the GDM themes was it, theres on here on gnome look by Microjack or there is also some available by TheeMahn that you can get through the deb installer. Im sorry im not able to help you out that much personally as i wasn't able to get a very usable system working for myself in Karmic so reverted to Jaunty for the time being. It may well be that the GDM themes are as you say obsolete now. As soon as i am able i will have a look into this issue, thanks for bringing it too my attention.

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 GDM-Theme in Ubuntu 9.10

 by vander on: Nov 19 2009
Score 50%
OJSC "Intellect Telecom"/ IT

I tried Microjack's theme. I'll try to fix it myself.

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 Karmic Users...

 by TheeMahn on: Nov 21 2009
Score 50%
Ultimate Edition Linux

I would like to edumacate users lets start here http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=4124

Want to see what is coming? http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4122 Programming section NTL ;) Wonder who is the programmer :) See Azenis Purple being made in a few clicks.

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 Awesome theme!

 by jenkinbr on: Jan 9 2010
Score 50%

I really liked this theme :) Not too black, yet also not too light either.

One thing that I did notice, however, is that the input box background was a tad too light for syntax highlighting in gedit, so I changed the input box background to #1A1A1A, which seems to fit the theme enough for me :)

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 Re: Awesome theme!

 by jameshardy88 on: Jan 9 2010
Score 50%

Thanks, im glad you like it. I like your colour tweaking suggestion it does make viewing text a little easier. Its always nice to get feedback of how different people are using the theme =)

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