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 Aug 24 2016  
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Ultimate Edition 2.2 Theme Final


GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 59%
Ultimate Edition Linux
Ultimate Edition 2.2 Theme Final

Ultimate Edition 2.2 Theme Final

Ultimate Edition 2.2 Theme Final

Link:  Link
Downloads:  34555
Submitted:  Mar 12 2009
Updated:  Jun 20 2009


Before reading any further please read the changelog.

This theme is approaching completion, it now includes a Usplash x86 & 64 bit as of current. Cowboy created the wallpaper & I created GDM & usplash using software I have written.

It has been tested in Intrepid Ibex as well as Jaunty and works as expected (please wait for final as far as usplash). I see no reason that it should not work in Debian the same (try at your own risk). It has also been tested with lintian and is error free (autoset will complain because I have 64 & 32 bit binaries in a single deb does not mean squat postinst handles it).

This theme pack when installed will now fully restore your settings if un-installed. Sound, background etc. Please report any discrepancy. I now feel is not going to happen even if you un-install. I earned my name ;)

On to the goodies.

Entire theme pack "currently" includes:

[*] 1 GDM Login
[*] 1 GTK theme
[*] 1 Emerald theme
[*] 1 Metacity theme
[*] 1 Sound scheme
[*] 1 Font
[*] 1 Icon set
[*] 1 Cursor set
[*] 1 Compiz fusion splash
[*] 1 Grub splash
[*] 1 Firefox theme (To make firefox work with darker gtk\'s)

Appearance: System >> Preferences >> Appearance >> Ultimate Edition 2.2.
GDM: System >> Administration >> Login >> Ultimate Edition 2.2
Sound scheme: System >> Preferences >> Sound select "Sound" tab >> Ultimate Edition 2.2 or customize to your liking.

Hate it? sudo apt-get remove --purge ultimate-edition-theme-2.2

Currently everything is subject to change, your opinion counts please post your thoughts. You are making Ultimate Edition 2.2 at least graphically. I am trying to keep my numbers down, I have not announced it on any site I own, minus admin section of my forum, all people I want to be a part. Sad, admin did not know anymore then you. Why did I do that?

Credits: Cowboy deservers #1 here a grahical genius. The Icon set a mod of deviantdark's icons (hydroxygen), I hate to change credits & it seems constant, I give myself 0 credit here... I will be adding others as I continue & make it final, all are modified currently & are GPL. If I see creative commons or better, I just move on. I do not have the time to start from scratch ;) Those that "know" me either love me or hate me.

Enjoy!!! I have started a credits on my forum please click the homepage link at the top of the page.



03/12/09: Current status: Proposed

[*] Initial public release
[*] Added instructions for the theme
[*] Added 2 mirrors
[*] Started credits, what do you bet Cowboy enters the picture?

I promised not a week before I enter my own forum, where is this package going?

Please think of it this way... Final & polished "NO", I am eventually going to provide it it 2 forms, one that does all as one of my beta testers requested.

03/18/09: Added auto-set version (this will set your wallpaper theme & gdm for you), please do not use it unless you know how to change it back. Takes over on next boot. No major change yet. Please do not download it unless you want to test it / report bugs.

03/21/08: Set Package as Alpha..

Added 3 servers, I have set the package as alpha (auto set version exclusive), final far from it. Sound scheme does not currently work totally about 50%. GDM is better then any GDM released to date & if you remove the package will restore it for you. Still far from final. This release includes a new GDM as well as USplash x86 / x64. Done? Far from it.

03/26/09: (autotest exclusive) I have striped all mirrors from the list. We are getting close to a final release minus the "overall" theme (GDM, usplash & wallpaper). I created a new wallpaper in gimp that does rock in gimp. Ol lady does not think so, but hates dark themes. Please do not see this as final, but see it this way when you remove it it will restore everything & done better then ubuntu has done ;)

Before the flamewar starts don't & I will not say why. Tell them to download & learn. I use an image of Ubuntu raw in KVM allows me to test things in seconds w/o re-installing ;)

Sound issues are after that. Yes it will remove and restore your sounds settings however login / out are there, but not working yet. Any feedback is now appreciated. Once the wallpaper goes hot takes me a day and usplash / gdm happens, once you see screenshot above change for the GDM, you will understand & not the one that has been sitting there for a week or better. See there are benefits of being a tester. First time I ask for testing & do not care if you are a newbie ;)

Should I call it beta? I have been told what I perceive as Alpha is a "final product", I am telling you far from it. They think I am a perfectionist ;) Iregardlessly, when I drop final it is just that, please catch any problems we have.

03/30/09: Major update, please stand by for details... This website will not allow me to update screenshots above, I will open a thread on my forum, please stand by. Please view http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1670 or click on the homepage link at the top. Final? Really close ;)

06/04/09: Sorry for the servers being down first off & sorry for the delay, read on my forum why. Enjoy Close to final. To my knowledge a more complete theme pack does not exist even on the net. I know where the bad came from being down for 2 months. You guys best give me some good to make up for it, about 10,000 downloads recorded here going to be hard to do ;)

06/10/09: Added x64 support Usplash should work no matter which architecture x86/64 bit. Added Grub splash (not on by default). Fixed font issue Liberation is now the default font. Changed the Emerald theme. I have tested the theme with a "raw copy" of Ubunty Jaunty overall pretty much bulletproof to see it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlW1HlwBnL0

06/20/09: Set it as final added individual packages for GDM etc. Added a mirror for the deb package.

Ubuntu(Autoset Version (read above))
Ubuntu(GDM (login screen))
Ubuntu(Sound theme)
Ubuntu(Icon & cursor theme)
Ubuntu(Emerald theme)
Ubuntu(Compiz skydome & logos)
Ubuntu(Ultimate Edition 2.2 GTK)
Ubuntu(UE 2.2 Theme Pack (mirror))
Ubuntu(Usplash x86 & 64 (including source))
Ubuntu(Amarok "Style")
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 it ROX!!!

 by m1k3yboy on: Jun 22 2009
Score 50%

awesome theme!!! the mouse pointers and the icons are cool. i like the fact that you have the buttons in the center of the login screen instead of the bottom. well done! can't wait for 2.3.

having fun is what keeps you alive. ;)
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 Re: it ROX!!!

 by TheeMahn on: Jun 22 2009
Score 50%
Ultimate Edition Linux

Thanks, I hope to have a better usplash for 2.3 as well.

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 Re: it ROX!!!

 by TheeMahn on: Jun 26 2009
Score 50%
Ultimate Edition Linux

UE 2.3 theme is on it's way... First a unbiased review of 2.2 http://news.softpedia.com/news/First-Look-Ultimate-Edition-2-2-115099.shtml

UE 2.3 Theme has yet to touch the net, however I run it ;) I guess being a creator has impact ;)

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 Awesome looking! BUT...

 by BillybobT on: Sep 21 2009
Score 50%

I only have one complaint (so far). I use a program called Xword every day and it appears that the primary clue area (at the top of the puzzle) background color is the same as the font color. I suppose I could live with this since both across and down clues are always displayed, but it can be confusing if you happen to look at the wrong one.

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