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 Aug 30 2016  
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Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3


GNOME Colour Scheme

Score 50%
Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3

Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3

Ubuntu 14.04 Tal-Themes + Fixes! V1.3

Downloads:  4569
Submitted:  May 1 2014
Updated:  Jun 16 2014


I have taken the theme from Ubuntu 14.04 called Ambiance and I have used it to create some new themes for myself and I am sharing them with you. I do not know who produced the Ambiance theme however I would like to absolutely thank Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu who created Ubuntu 14.04 and possibly the theme I have used as a base theme to create the themes I have. If anyone else developed or helped develop the theme Ambiance theme than thank you so very much for the great theme you provided us with.

The *widgets* are always changing from releases which breaks old themes so this time I decided to use a theme that had all the right *widgets*. I myself still don\'t know what most of the stuff is but over time I am learning a little bit more here and there. I have combined (some colourised) elements from the Gnome 2 theme Slickness Black with the Ubuntu 14.04 theme Ambiance. This process is completed from basic trial and error and *with lots of trial and error* I have created what I am giving to you to use with Ubuntu 14.04.

Themes in Package
I have created the following themes...
* Tal-Blue
* Tal-Green
* Tal-GreyDark
* Tal-GreyLight
* Tal-Orange
* Tal-Pink
* Tal-Purple
* Tal-Red
* Tal-SkyBlue
* Tal-Yellow

Cheers and thanks for downloading these themes to give them a go :-)


Fix 1
• It is only when something is used full time that the bugs and issues are found and I have fixed a major BAD one
• In LibreOffice I found the tool-tip use to be clear with a border and the text was white... not too good and the text was messed up as I changed it / typed
• This has been a bug since I started ;'-(
• So I have found that problem and I have fixed it ;-) and it is working for me because I use LibreOffice every single day

Fix 2
• Not everyone has the .RAR packages installed so I will compress these themes in a package I hope everyone has

Fix 3
• I run a business as a computer technician and I am also a full time carer of someone... I have a lot to deal with every day so a long time ago I created many templates to use for my business.
• I use these templates all the time but I noticed in LibreOffice most of the things are working well however today I could not see any rulers and a few otherr indicators in LibreOffice and this absolutely has to be fixed! ;'-(
• I fixed it and I have tried my newest version which is version 1.2 of the TAL Themes and I like what I now see. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to realise this... my bad and I am not bad often!
• Also... I have noticed if I have the original themes in the /usr/share/themes folder then these themes get a “pink” error display from calling to the other themes.
• I have never really seen this because I cut (moved) the original themes from the /usr/share/themes to a new directory called “other” so the original themes Ubuntu came with were in/usr/share/themes/other not /usr/share/themes/ and this action results in my themes working as I have seen them from day 1.
• I am very curious as to where my themes are calling or using elements from other themes in the /usr/share/theme directory but that is a project for another day.
• I hope you like the improvements I have made with the TAL Themes version 1.2

Version 1.3
Change Log V1.2 to V1.3
fg_color = No Changes
nbg_color = Dark
nbg_color1 = Standard
nbase_color = Base Colour
ntext_color = Selected Background Colour
nd_text_color = Selected Background Colour
nselected_bg_color = Very Dark
nselected_fg_color = No Changes
ntooltip_bg_color = Very Dark
ntooltip_fg_color = No Changes
nlink_color = No Changes

These changes Fix the applications I use which have KDE themes that call to the Gnome 2.0 elements of these themes. I also found there were issues with Chromium Web Browser and these changes also fix those issues. The only way to find the bugs is to use the themes and the applications I normally would use every day. I hope you like these fixes and the themes in general.

(Tal-Themes V1.3.tar.gz)
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 No folder icons

 by Sandman007 on: May 6 2014
Score 50%

I just installed this theme and I have no folder icons. This is using Unity 8 on Ubuntu 14.04. I tried using both Ubuntu-Tweak-Tool and Unity-Tweak-Tool too install. I do not see a fix for this in the archive.

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 Re: No folder icons

 by Sandman007 on: May 6 2014
Score 50%

forgot to mention this is using the Tal-GreyDark theme

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 Look at the images

 by djhswar82 on: May 7 2014
Score 50%

I have no idea why that has happened however as you can see from the images above it does work and the 3 field deployments I have had with Ubuntu 14.04 installs and using these themes has had no issues at all.

I would post your question at http://askubuntu.com/ and see what can be found there. I hope you can resolve your missing icons.

I would use tweak tool to revert your theme back to Ambiance and the Icons to Humanity then try =>

you can copy the old gnome icons into the icons folder and try using them...

Launch terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)
whoami [remember the output]
sudo su - [enter your password]
sudo chown -R whoamioutput:whoamioutput /usr/share/icons

Now you can copy the gonme-old folder into usr/share/icons without any issues. Copy them from the tar.gz extracted folder.

Use the home folder to go to computer => usr => share => icons. Right mouse click and select paste.

The first thing I do when I install Ubuntu is
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/icons [paste in gnome-old]
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/themes [paste in my themes or other themes]
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/backgrounds [change the default wallpaper colour to purple or whatever my client likes]
sudo chown -R me:me /usr/share/software-center [paste in the fixes for dark themes]
sudo chown -R me:me /var/cache/apt/archives [I paste the .deb files into this folder so I only need to download them once ;-D]

I hope this helps!

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 Re: No folder icons

 by bubi on: May 10 2014
Score 50%

Unity 8 is not yet ready for desktop...

Omnia sunt communia.
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 Help and Information

 by djhswar82 on: Jun 14 2014
Score 50%

I add help and information into the download package into a 'read first' file! I only answer questions if they are posted and in the newer version I have 'hopefully' fixed some serious issues! :-D

I am also learning 'theme development' from trial and error and if there is anyone out there who can help me become more skilled and create better themes than please let me know ;-)

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 good theme

 by dewman12 on: Jun 15 2014
Score 50%

i have a few themes on here,my favorite of mine is Ebony & Ivory linux.found here- http://gnome-look.org/content/search.php . i have done the same as u, learn from trial & error. take a look at my themes they might help. one thing that helped me is " BBOSAk2143 " he will answer ur emails if u send him one. Also have a look at his theme trainer found here http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/The+RGB+theme+trainer?content=160261&PHPSESSID=4ac2539edf4daf2952937728b551452a . if i can help i will try. put theme in subject jeyfrzee@gmail.com

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 Re: good theme

 by djhswar82 on: Jun 16 2014
Score 50%

Thanks so much!!! ;-D

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